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Why This Site is Important if You Pay a Mortgage

Whether you are currently in a Mortgage Foreclosure suit, behind in your payments, recently foreclosed, or are even on time with your payments, this site is crucial to you. Why? Because times have changed. And the way Mortgages and the obligations that go along with them have changed drastically in the last few years.

You have probably recently heard about Courts across the country halting all foreclosure cases. We will give you the background, why it happened, and what you can do to protect yourself.

There are three basic rules to follow:

Who Owns The Note in a foreclosure case is a fundamental element that the Bank Must Prove in order to proceed and get a foreclosure.

Sounds simple, but this is the fundamental problem that the are having right now. They usually can't prove that they own the promissory note that your Mortgage secures, and if they can't prove that, then they legally can't foreclose on your home. However, before you can get to this point you must do something else.

You must not just roll over and give up. If you do that, you assure yourself that you will lose your home. You must make a stand. You must DO SOMETHING. When you get that notice of default, or even better, before you miss that first payment, DO SOMETHING. What you ask? Click here for the first step.


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